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Terms & Conditions

The terms outlined below apply to all users accessing Aminos Research and its official website, To make any purchases, users must first acknowledge and accept these conditions.

Our products are solely designed for research in a laboratory environment. By purchasing them, users acknowledge that these products come with risks if consumed or distributed improperly. They are NOT designed as additives for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household items, or any other unintended use. Mention of a substance on this platform does not provide permission to breach any patent rights. Only qualified individuals with the necessary training should manage these products. Users confirm that they have thoroughly understood the following before purchasing:

  1. The official regulations surrounding the products.
  2. Risks associated with mishandling these products.
  3. The importance of providing sufficient warnings about potential hazards.

Aminos Research, along with, reserves the authority to restrict or refuse sales to any person suspected of potential misuse.

All prospective buyers MUST be a minimum of 18 years old. In no scenario should Aminos Research or its partners be accountable for indirect damages, regardless of the legal claim’s foundation. Upon agreeing to purchase a product, buyers consent to protect and exempt us from any claims, expenses, or liabilities stemming from the mishandling or misuse of the product, either in isolation or mixed with other substances.

Our products are explicitly intended for research activities. They have not been evaluated by Aminos Research or for use in food, drugs, medical equipment, cosmetics, or any commercial venture.

Users affirm that they will use, process, and market any product bought from Aminos Research responsibly and compliantly with current laws and regulations.

Any goods created using our products should not contravene the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Users should be aware that unless specified, our products are strictly for research, and might not be listed under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) inventory. It’s the buyer’s obligation to ensure any products procured from adhere to TSCA regulations if relevant.

It’s imperative for buyers to understand the potential risks and undertake necessary research. NONE of the products, unless otherwise mentioned, should be seen as food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, or cosmetics. They are exclusively for RESEARCH. Under no circumstances are they to be used recreationally or consumed by humans. Any damages arising from misuse, negligence, or unforeseen circumstances are not the responsibility of Aminos Research or

Note on Use and Intellectual Property:

Products on sale are strictly for laboratory research and manufacturing. They must never be used in foods, medicines, cosmetics, or household items. Including an item in this catalog does not provide authorization to infringe any patent.

Purchases will be DECLINED for individuals under 18. By placing an order, customers certify that they meet the age requirement and are aware of the potential dangers if the products are misused.

Aminos Research and will not be accountable for any direct, indirect, or unforeseen losses. The buyer agrees to shield and absolve Aminos Research from any costs, claims, or damages resulting from the buyer’s misuse of the acquired product.