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Frequently Asked Questions

Aminos Research is a US-based company specializing in 99%+ purity peptides for research purposes. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to transparency and trust. Each peptide vial comes with a QR code with a direct link to its batch certificates of analysis (COAs) from two independent laboratories. These reports detail the testing results, ensuring you have complete confidence in the purity and quality of the formulations you receive.
Peptides are short chains of amino acids, the fundamental components of proteins. These small sequences serve as vital messengers within the body, controlling functions like hormone regulation, immune response, and tissue repair. Their role in various physiological processes has led to the development of peptide-based therapies and medications. Peptides hold significant promise for enhancing health and well-being through targeted interventions.
Aminos Research is the best choice for peptide research due to our unwavering commitment to transparency and quality. We prioritize providing accurate information to our customers, ensuring there is no guesswork involved. Each of our peptides is clearly marked with the exact milligram amount in the vial, giving researchers the utmost confidence in their measurements. Moreover, we go the extra mile by conducting two third-party tests on each peptide batch we sell. 
This rigorous testing process guarantees the highest quality and purity standards for our products. Additionally, we provide a QR code with each vial, allowing researchers direct access to batch tests and certificates of analysis (COAs) for complete transparency.
At Aminos Research, we have an ambitious roadmap ahead of us. First and foremost, in the coming months we will increase our peptide offerings while organically growing our community. 
Simultaneously, we’ll be focused on targeted research to help foster a greater understanding of peptides and the impact they can make on humans.
Rather than under or over-estimating, we post the exact amount in each bottle per the results of our third-party testing processes. Knowing EXACTLY what you’re getting allows for more accurate and transparent research. 
In an effort to inspire a more transparent industry, we ran an independent test of 10 leading US-based peptide vendors. The majority of them listed mg amounts on their labels when in fact their vials contained less than they claimed. For example, a 10mg bottle may have only 8.5mg of the specific peptide we were testing.
Because there are so many variables that come with dosing, we have concluded that every researcher should be 100% certain as to the mg associated with each and every vial. We’re certain this effort will bring more clarity and foster more effective research along the way.
We offer a variety of shipping options to meet your specific needs. All orders will be processed within 1 business day.
We offer three shipping options that include:
  • FedEx Standard Overnight*
  • FedEx 2 Day
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate (This is both an option for orders under $100 and the method we use for free shipping on orders over $100.)
* Please note: While we do offer overnight shipping, some cities don’t offer FedEx overnight on weekends if the order is placed on a Friday. Also, we only ship on business days. If you place your order over the weekend, you won’t receive your order the next day Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped overnight on Monday.

Thanks to our high quality boxes and insulated mailers, we are confident that all Aminos Research peptides should arrive at their destination in perfect condition. This is why we offer a Secure Packaging Guarantee. If your vial is not in perfect condition when it arrives send us a message at for a refund.